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Mercato restaurant is a gourmet Calgary restaurant, a Calgary Italian restaurant, actually, in Calgary, featuring Calgary fine dining with excellent Calgary restaurant reviews. One taste from the Mercato Calgary restaurant menu and you'll want to go back to Mercato restaurant over and over again. Mercato restaurant is Calgary dining. No, Mercato restaurant is Calgary fine dining. Fine Italian dining, actually. Did we forget to mention Mercato restaurant is a Calgary restaurant with excellent Calgary restaurant reviews? Well, just to be safe, Mercato restaurant offers Calgary fine dining, Calgary's best restaurant reviews, especially for a Calgary Italian restaurant, with an extensive Italian restaurant menu. Silly us, we forgot to mention where Mercato restaurant, the finest Calgary Italian restaurant, is located in Calgary. Mercato restaurant is at 2224 4th street SW, that is southwest Calgary, or Calgary southwest. Stop by and experience Mercato restaurant and its fine Calgary dining, fine Italian dining, extensive Calgary restaurant menu, and well, Calgary restaurant at its finest.

Mercato restaurant is so good, we can go on and on about Mercato restaurant. So we will. But before we do, let us refresh your memory on Mercato restaurant. Remember, Mercato restaurant is Calgary fine dining, technically, a Calgary Italian restaurant, in the southwest, well, for the picky, it's Calgary fine dining, with excellent Calgary restaurant reviews. If there were to be a five star review, Mercato restaurant with its fine Calgary restaurant menu would receive six. That's because Mercato restaurant is the best gourmet, fine Italian restaurant in southwest Calgary. Actually, Mercato restaurant could be the finest Italian restaurant in Calgary. We think Mercato restaurant, with its Calgary fine dining, extensive Calgary restaurant menu, is Calgary's finest dining, specifically Calgary's finest Italian dining experience, ever.